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Arizona Dram Shop Laws

Not many people know what dram shop laws are or whom they are meant to help. Dram shop is a term that refers to a bar or tavern originating in England where they would sell small amounts of alcohol called a dram. Dram shop la…

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The Future of DUIs in America

The United States Supreme Court has issued several big rulings this year. They are ruling on everything from labor laws to abortion laws, but most people will not give a second thought to a Fourth Amendment ruling that the co…

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Photo Radar Is Back In Arizona

The City of Scottsdale recently announced the re-institution of its photo radar cameras shortly after American Traffic Solutions obtained an Arizona private investigator license.  This is an attempt to comply with Arizona Att…

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Recent Wins

3/4/16- State v. T. L. Assault Charges Dismissed

3/14/16- State v. J.J. Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

3/15/16- State v. L. S. Leaving the Scene of an Accident Case Dismissed

3/18/16- State v. T. C.  Domestic Vi…

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What to do at a DUI Checkpoint

Just last summer, we kept seeing videos of drivers who had attached a note to their window when they proceeded through a DUI check point.  The note stated: "I remain silent, No searches, I want my lawyer".  The videos took pl…

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Exploring the Defense Strategies for DUI Cases

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What Does a DUI Cost?

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