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Thrush Law Group is a leading Arizona law firm. Our attorneys provide you with the service you deserve and promise to leave no stone unturned in our quest to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

At Thrush Law Group we have a reputation of excellence. Our successes are the result of years of practice and learning.

Our firm excels in the following areas of law:

Criminal Law FAQs

Many people who have been pulled over as a result of suspected DUI do not fully understand their constitutional rights, including their right to refuse field sobriety tests prior to an arrest. Find out more frequently asked questions regarding DUI defense and how an experienced DUI lawyer can help protect your rights and help you in every critical stage of legal proceedings.

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Misdemeanor Crimes

We are one of the most experienced misdemeanor criminal defense firms in the city. We handle hundreds of these cases every year. We know the judges and the prosecutors. We know when to exercise your right pursuant to Arizona Rule of Criminal procedure Rule 10 and disqualify a judge because of the way they customarily handle a case like yours. Take advantage of our free consultation and let us show you how we will proceed in your case.

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Felony Crimes

If you have been charges with a felony then you are exposed to prison time. Don’t settle for anything less than an attorney dedicate to handling criminal defense cases. Our primary emphasis is on criminal defense. We have seen, done and heard it all and that experience leads to good results for you.

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Traffic Offenses

When you defend DUI cases you automatically become an expert in traffic law cases. If you have received a citation and you want to fight it then we will take it to court. We are in court fighting for our clients almost every day. We love a good fight!

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