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Recent DUI/Criminal Law Case Wins

  • 8/13/15 State v. O. T.

    Domestic Violence All Charges Dismissed

  • 8/10/15 State v. D. S.

    DUI Case Dismissed

  • 8/4/15 State v. T. G.

    Criminal Trespassing, Criminal Damage, Disorderly Conduct All Charges Dismissed

  • 8/3/15 State v. A. P.

    Domestic Violence Case Not Guilty

  • 7/28/15 State v. G. C.

    Assault Case Dismissed

  • 7/21/15 State v. T. G.

    Criminal Traffic Violation Case Dismissed

  • 7/14/15 State v. A. L.

    Extreme DUI Case Dismissed

  • 6/23/15 State v. R. B.

    DUI Case Dismissed for No Probable Cause

  • 6/9/15 State v. R. L.

    Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

  • 6/1/15 State v. M. N.

    DUI Case Dismissed

  • 5/15/15 State v. M. B.

    Not Guilty Criminal Traffic Trial

  • 5/6/15 State v. C. C.

    DUI Case All Charges Dismissed

  • 4/27/15 State v. V. O.

    All Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed Plea to Interfering With Judicial Procedure

  • 4/27/15 State v. S. J.

    Insurance Fraud All Charges Dismissed

  • 4/9/15 State v. E. C.

    Criminal Traffic Violations All Charges Dismissed

  • 4/3/15 State v. D. S.

    Hit and Run Case Dismissed

  • 3/31/15 State v. A. D.

    Domestic Violence Unlawful Imprisonment, Assault, Threats and intimidation, and Disorderly Conduct. All Charges Dismissed.

  • 3/31/15 State v. A. G.

    Driving On Suspended License and Traffic Violations Dismissed

  • 3/25/15 State v. T. M.

    Drug Possession Case. All Charges Dismissed.

  • 3/20/15 State v. E. B.

    DUI Charge Dismissed With Reckless Driving Plea.

  • 3/17/15 State v. M. F.

    Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

  • 3/9/15 State v. L. H.

    DUI Charge Dismissed With Plea For Traffic Violation

  • 2/18/15 State v. S. P.

    Disorderly Conduct All Charges Dismissed

  • 11/26/14 State v. N.J.

    DUI Impaired Driving and DUI Prescription Drugs All Charges Dismissed

  • 11/12/14 State v. A.S.

    DUI All Charges Dismissed.

  • 11/7/14 State v. J.K.

    Driving On Suspended License. All Charges Dismissed.

  • 10/28/14 State v. C.T.

    Assault On Police Officer And Criminal Damage. All Charges Dismissed.

  • 10/20/14 State v. R.P.

    DUI Charges Dismissed For Lack Of Reasonable Suspicion.

  • 9/15/14 State v. V. M.

    DUI and DUI above .08. All DUI Charges Dismissed With Plea For Two Traffic Violations.

  • 9/12/14 State v. T. C.

    Domestic Violence Assault and Under 21 Alcohol Consumption. All Charges Dismissed.

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