Walking Dead Star Gets TOO into Character When He Gets a DUI

October 14, 2012

Walking Dead star Scott Wilson (Hershel in the series) gets a little to into character when he decides to drink and drive. Wilson plays a recovering alcoholic on the hit AMC TV series. Ironically Wilson got arrested for a DUI in the very state in which his alcoholic character resides.

Wilson was traveling approximately 70mph which was well above the posted speed limit. When he got stopped Wilson admitted to having a few drinks at a local bar. Police officers conducted the field sobriety tests on the side of the road to which Wilson offered to do yoga instead. It was determined that Wilson was almost twice the legal limit.

Had Wilson been arrested for DUI in Tucson, Arizona he would possibly be looking at a 30 days in jail, a hefty fine, an interlock system in his car, and a suspended license. Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country and there is no reason to give the police more information then is necessary. You want to be cooperative but, you do not want to admit to anything. Telling the police that you had been drinking does not help the situation. Trying to do yoga on the side of the road will not help the situation. And participating in the field sobriety test will not help the situation. All of these actions help the police officer’s build a case against you. In short be cooperative but don’t hurt your case.

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