What Is Wrong With The NFL

July 26, 2013

47 NFL players have been arrested and charged with crimes since the regular season ended last year. Charges range from murder to DUI to criminal mischief. But one thing remains consistent the, number keeps going up. The number of players arrested has gone up 61% according to San Diego Union-Tribune’s NFL arrest database. A 61% rise is too high and the NFL needs to make policy changes to keep that number from rising.

Even though the national average for adults being arrested is higher the average of NFL players, the NFL should be held to a higher standard. These are the role models for our kids. What kind of message is the NFL sending if the NFL takes no action when the majority of these arrests. NPR wrote and article and interviewed several people regarding the increase in arrest. Fox Sports analyst Coach Brian Billick had a harsh but easy way to fix the problem, make a zero tolerance policy. While I agree with the idea of a zero tolerance policy it seems too harsh and I would instead modify it so that a violent crime or felony would have a zero tolerance but misdemeanors would provide for a probationary period.

Any measures the NFL takes to correct or lessen the amount of the arrest during the off-season can been seen as attempting to regulate what adults do on their free time. But since these players are role models to so many and the number of arrest keeps climbing, maybe implementing a plan to stop their criminal involvement would not be so bad.

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