Woman Found on Top of Car Submerged in Canal Now Facing DUI Charges

August 14, 2013

A woman is facing charges after being rescued from the Arizona Canal on an early Wednesday morning. She was sitting on top of her vehicle after it had submerged into the canal off of Seventh and Dunlap Avenues.

39-year old Maria Estella Martinez-Hernandez was taken into custody on charges related with the incident after police found her on top of her car in the water. Brian Rexroad witnessed her car swerving on the road until it stopped near the canal. He decided to turn around and go back to the canal to make sure everything was okay, and called 911 when he witnessed the car go into the water.

Glendale and Phoenix firefighters launched a water rescue and helped Martinez-Hernandez onto the bank of the canal. When they arrived she was sitting on top of her vehicle and appeared to be calm and uninjured. It was soon determined that she was alone and there were no passengers in the vehicle.

Police are unsure of how she ended up in the canal or why she was driving erratically. Later in the morning, a tow truck removed the vehicle from the water. Phoenix Fire Captain Tony Muir said that this is not the first time a car has been found in the canal and warns that they are very dangerous.

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